Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Star Wars Collection

Star Wars has always been a large part of my life. It was a big part of my middle school years and and some of the high school ones. I still remember the exact moment (I was about 10) when I was introduced to Star Wars (long story and maybe I'll share it another time). ANYWAY, before I leave you down the looney road of my brain, the point of the story. Back in my late elementary years and middle school years, Beadies (those critters made from pony beads) became famous. Everyone had them and kids like me were obcessed.

However, I couldn't find ANY Star Wars patterns anywhere. And I looked. Believe me, I LOOKED. So while sitting in Mr. V's English class in 8th grade (bored silly) I grabbed some notebook paper and started sketching out my very own Star Wars patterns.

Since I'm looking to launch my own craft pattern website/business (it will include both free items and items for purchase) I went looking for some of my old cross-stitch patterns and art work and stumbled upon these beadie patterns filed away along with my sketches. So I promptly converted them to the computer (to be shared soon) and went out and purchased about $12 worth of pony beads.

Here's the end result:

First up is Prince Xizor. The main villian of the Star Wars Novel Shadows of the Empire one of my favorite novels of the Expanded Universe. Hmmm... maybe I should go pick that up.

Four lightsabers: red, purple, green, blue

Mara Jade. Another character from the Expanded Universe. This was made before my anti-Mara era (about the time the NJO books were being published) and was based on a model photograph.

Jedi Luke from Return of the Jedi. I just love the little black glove. :)

Princess Leia's most famous look from A New Hope.

Princes Leia at the end of A New Hope in her ceremony outfit.

Princess Leia in her Ewok dress. I've always wanted one of these for myself. How sad is that?

A Jawa. Yes he is a little square, but they always - for some strange reason - bring a smile to my face.

Han Solo. My first love. :)

Darth Maul's double ended lightsaber. Simple but effective pattern.

This second Star Wars collection is entitled the Itty Bitty collection. These are minature versions of the ones above.

This is one of the very FEW prequel critters I completed. Remember these were designed just after the release of The Phantom Menance. Emperor Palpatine. I think he's so darn cute even if he is evil.

Itty Bitty Luke Skywalker in his farmer's outfit. I'll probably design a bigger farmer boy Luke at some point.

Itty Bitty Princess Leia. She's one of my favorites. Sssh... Don't tell.

Itty Bitty Han Solo

I will have photos coming within the next few days of Itty Bitty Jabba the Hutt, Itty Bitty Darth Maul, Itty Bitty Jawa, and Leia in her Hoth outfit and Endor command outfit.

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