Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goombas rule my world

I'm walking through Hobby Lobby and find their latch key materials on sale. Hmmm... haven't worked with that in a while. So then and there, in the middle of the store, I decide to make a Goomba pillow from latch key materials. I purchase my items, check out, and promptly return home to turn my cross-stitch/seed bead/perler bead pattern into a larger latchkey pattern. It turned out VERY small, but I very much love it.

I used my sewing machine to sew blue fabric onto the back (sorry I have no pictures of that) and stuff it. It took me MULTIPLE trys and reaping out seams to get it right (I kept catching the yarn between the two fabrics and sewing over them).

I am pleased, although it is small, with the end result.

And the photos:

Yes... it is VERY small

The 10,897 bead scarf!

Here's the story: I love scarves. However I live somewhere where is about 100 degrees all year long. Not a good place to wear a scarf. Not at all. So I came up with this "bright" idea to make a scarf completely out of sead beeds. What a beast. It took me weeks (working on it here and there) to complete it.

It took 10,897 seed beads (about $6.00 worth of beads) and completed it is 4 feet and 11 inches long.

I told my boyfriend when I finished I was never doing another one. That was until I finished it:

An up close shot at the design:

Action shot:

Action shot of the length:

I think next I'm going to do a green and black belt. I've already go the method picked out as well as the design. Now I just need the materials...

Blue & Green Panels

These four panels were painted to decorate my very, very blah and white walls in the bedroom in my apartment. First I painted each panel blue. After they dried I pushed all four panels together and dropped a bit of paint in the upper left corner and used my brush to brush it out in every direction. I repeated this for the next three corners.

Intially I wanted more circles and thinner lines but the end result reminds me of seaweed and for some strange reason... I LIKE IT!

Buttons = Love

I love Law & Order. Always have, always will. I've always wanted an L&O T-shirt but never felt like spending $20 on one. My first thought was to iron on the logo, but then the other day I was playing with my button collection and had a thought. So I took a good long look at the logo on my computer and assigned each letter/symbol a color. Then I laid on the buttons on the back of a notebook first.

I then transferred the design over to the tank top. I put tacky glue on the back of each button and placed it on tank top. After this was done, I went back and hand-sewed each button into place and washed off the tacky glue.

The result:

And as always... an action shot

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Button Choker

Simple red, button chocker made with red buttons and red cross-stitch floss. Wore it work and my 6th grade students just loved it.

A close up shot

An action shot

I've got more work to share but am behind on taking pictures, so expect to see some more up in the next few days.