Thursday, July 23, 2009

Queen Amidala

This first of my Star Wars Cross-Stitch design line:

She is stitched on 28 count Aida fabric, uses 21 colors, and is 75 stitches in height and 35 inches in width.

I have 90 other Star Wars patterns in line to follow her, in similar design. As well as 59 Harry Potter, 6 Lord of the Rings, and 40 Star Trek: TNG.

Whew, I better get working!


  1. I love your Amidala stitch!
    We're kind of in the same boat! While you have 195 movie-pattern on the to-do-list, I want to stitch all 493 Pokemon one day XDD
    But isn't it great that those small patterns are finished so fast?

    Regards from Germany,

  2. That is so adorable, and beautifully rendered. Want, want, want! :D

  3. I really like, I could spend some patterns of Star wars?
    i want to make?

  4. Wow, love it! Is it possible for me to get the pattern?