Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fabric Books... Easily Addicting

So my little man really likes trains. At a year old, the boy loves trains. I think nit has a lot to do with the fact that his father likes trains, but who knows? My cousins (bless their hearts) passed down to us a Thomas the Tank Engine train table and all the goodies that go with it. That boy is always playing with those trains. Since he's a boy he's also starting to collect Thomas the Tank Engine toys and even a book or two.

Well imagine my suprise and joy when I was digging through fabric at Wal-Mart (I know, bad, bad, bad) and I stubmled across a Thomas the Tank Engine fabric book.

This next fabric book I actually purchased (from JoAnn's) and put together LAST YEAR, before Christmas. I'm just not sure why it never got posted.

My final item for this post is an idea that I ripped off Lakeshore Learning. The item below I made exactly like Lakeshore has them, well more or less. This was not a very tough concept.

You'll find the orginal Lakeshore item here. You know how much they wanted for these? $39.95! Seriously? I know that they are in the business of trying to make money and that you get 30 of them, but what a rip off. You know how much I paid for mine? $0.

Well at least $0 that day. I had everything on hand that I needed: velcro, snaps, buttons, and felt. Somone that does a lot of sewing or at the very lest some sewing, probably has most of these items on hand.

I think hacking Lakeshore products has become one of my new favorite pastimes. It was a thrill, I'll be honest. I'm going straight to see the guy with the horns for sure. But I figure, as long as I'm not SELLING these and using them for my own personal use, what's the harm? Right?


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