Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 years later...

First thing I did after getting my tax refund was buy a sewing machine from JoAnn Fabrics. For the past month its been sitting in the corner of my guest bedroom as my fears overtook my desires. Fear of the machine... fear of screwing up a project... but mostly fear of breaking the most expensive equipment I own (seriously! I paid less for my laptop than my sewing machine).

Then the amount of sewing patterns in my hobby cube starting to grow and overtake the box they were in - thanks 100% to JoAnn's Daffodil Dash where the Simplicity and McCall's patterns were only 99 cents - marked down from about $15.00!!! - and I was left with no choice, and my desires overcame my fears.

I had already begun purchasing the fabric, cords, and interfacing for some purses I wanted to make, but before I making the purse I knew I needed to practice my skills. So I picked up some buckle ends and ribbon. I put the two wrong ends of the ribbon together and sewed them - becuase I wanted to see the stitches.

Honestly... the stitching was really messy, but more importantly I survived the experience! Now all I want to do is run out to the store and buy more materials (even though I have plenty!) I will certainly need to buy more bobbins though... and something to store them all in.

Without further ado, the photos of my major accomplishment for the day. Forgive me. I am proud. Its been 10 years since I've used a sewing machine.

A shot of the whole belt:

Up close:

Forgive me for the closeup shot of my butt:

Tommorrow I plan to swallow my fear again and make my coffee/purse tote.

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