Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Baby's Room Organized

So.... this SHOULD have been done before Baby arrived. In all fairness, I was working on these the day that my water broke. I just didn't get to finish them until this morning. While crusing the internet (via google) I found this great tutorial on how to make baby clothes size dividers. Awesome tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous.

I chose to use scotch tape rather than velcro to attach my numbers/letters. Mine are double sided and here's what I learned: Glue sticks are SO much better for glueing paper to wood than the Modge Podge.

I chose to use animal print scrapbooking paper and animal print ribbon to hang from the closet, given that the nursery has a jungle theme:
Notice how there's an extra one? Yeah... because I had to pack away my son's newborn size clothes already! (Granted, he arrived in this world at 8 lbs even, so...)

Close up shot of just the hangers:

Here they are with the ribbons:

Close up shot:
The One stands for one size only (the sleeper sacks only come in one size).

The ribbons themselves:
Photobucket Photobucket

... and finally hanging in the closet (yes my son does need more clothes!)

Photobucket Photobucket

This was a quick and easy project (or rather it would have been, had my little man arrived on time, rather than early). Still... I'm glad its done. With all the stuff he's starting to aquire (being the only great-grandchild, grandchild, and nephew on both sides of the family that's not a surprise), I want to get an early handle on making sure his stuff is organized!

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