Sunday, September 27, 2009

I *heart* Halloween

I wish it was Halloween season all year long... especially after completing these projects. I hate to have to them away after October is gone...

First up is an apron. Nothing too exciting. I've just always wanted to try and sew one. I just bought the fabric and followed the instructions. Its's a Debbie Mumm design, I believe.

The ever necessary action shot...

The first pocket:

The second pocket:

A Halloween purse for ME:

I love this purse! I wanted to use candy corn beads for the handle but couldn't find them ANYWHERE. So I'll have to amek those out of Fimo clay when I get the chance. These handles will tide me over for this season though.

An inside look at the lining and at the snap:

Next is a tote bag that wasn't supposed to be a tote bag. It was supposed to be a purse. It came out HUGE. Oh well. Its got a flat bottom, a zipper, and I'm in love with the fabric. I use it haul all my stuff for work to and from. It works fantastic! I've loaded it with so many papers but thanks to the 20lb fishing wire and crimping beads this baby can handle the load!

The handles. Honestly, I had a REALLY difficult time coming up with handles for this bag that I liked.

The lining:

Both fabrics used is the tote above were part of those fabric quilters bundles you get from JoAnn Fabrics for about $10.00 a bundle. I had to buy two bundles to have matching fabric and now I have all this extra left over Halloween fabric that I can't wait to use.

The above purse was, also, another experiment to try and make the inside seams, seamless. It worked but the top part near the zipper is all cruddy. I'd rather just have seems on the inside of the bag. BUT, I love this one, all the same!

And finally, not Halloween, but throwing it in here before I forget about it:

I followed a pattern (Simplicity 2830) to make the smallest tote bag in the world. Man, this thing is SMALL. I bought the pattern to learn how to make flat bottomed purses. The pattern came with two sizzes (the above one is the BIG one). It barely holds one of those Banquet frozen meals in it, it is so small. BUT, I still use it to carry my lunch to and from work. It works.

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