Sunday, November 6, 2011

End of Line

Whew... caring for a little one is exhausting! I haven't had much time to post, let alone make anything. However, here are some things I've been working on in the last few weeks:

Dinosaur Ribbon Rattle:

I googled "dinosaur images", printed one out, traced into fabric, sewed it to together (with the ribbon), and stuffed it full of stuffing and jingle bells. My little man loves it. He holds it around the neck all time (because its the easiest place for him to hold it) so it always looks like he's strangling it. :)

I've continued to work on those diapers. I made him this orange one, using the same Babyville Boutique pattern as before. It leaked out the side a bit so we added extra snaps to make it smaller in length and it seemd to hold up okay:

He doesn't nap much during the day so I haven't had time to get any more of them done. (He does sleep through the night except when he wants to eat, so one must be grateful of that!)

Next up is my "mystery project" that requires lots and lots of yo-yos. Below is the first yo-yo that I made and I've fallen in love with making these things!


This "mystery" project also includes the following: Photobucket


Care to take a guess as to what I'm making????

That's all I have for now to share. My little man just fell asleep is his swing so I'm going to take these few precious moments that I have and go clean up my kitchen!

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