Friday, June 3, 2011

Angry Bird Cupcakes

Today is my husband's 26th birthday and every year I make him something. Last year it was gigantic X-box pillows, that he loved so I knew I had to top last year. However, he's such a difficult man to make things for (he doesn't think he is. If only he knew the HOURS of thought and internet searching that goes into his gifts...)

Like 2/3 of America he's obcessed with Angry Birds and I stumbled across this blog in my many hours of searching and thought that this lady was a GENIUS. I couldn't find the right kind of sprinkles and I dyed 'em too dark but considering the fact that I've never tried anything of this scale before, I'm pretty darn pleased. (And so is my husband).

I spent about $40 on supplies (since I didn't have anything except the cupcake pans) and 2.5 hours in the kitchen. I have LOTS of leftover candy and so I probably make a few more batches in the next few weeks to use up the candy.

A sampling of each:

The whole army of cupcakes:

Those bad, bad piggies:

A close up of each of the birds:

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos but my camera is busted and his is dead, so I had to take them with my cell phone. Let me know what you think!

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