Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mega Cross Stitch Post

So for the last several months I've been stitching (here and there) some of my own Star Wars designs. They're the same basic design and they've all been stitched on 18 count, white, Aida fabric. I cut the fabric down to 4" x 6" and stitched them in the center. I had these wooden frames purchased from IKEA, which I stained and glossed myself, and framed them in. I love arranging and rearranging these little guys... now I just wish I had somewhere to hang them up! Without further ado:

Princess Leia from A New Hope (at the end):

Queen Amidala from The Phantom Menance (her senate outfit):

Anakin Skywalker from Attack of the Clones:

Senator Bail Organa from Attack of the Clones: (I don't know why but I have such a crush on him!)

Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Phantom Menance:

Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Boba Fett: (He was finished this morning and posted for sale this afternoon)

Had enough of Star Wars yet? There's more to come! I have about 90 more planned out but I'm going to finish about 4 or 5 more of these Star Wars patterns before moving onto my Harry Potter designs.

In other needlepoint news, I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant (with my first) and on summer vacation so now I'm working like a madwoman to finish the cross stitch things for my baby and his/her nursery before I have to go back to work in August (with the baby due to arrive in September. What timing!)

We're doing a jungle theme in the baby's nursery and so I've been on the hunt for any patterns that I can find that fit that bill. I've found some great things from Dimension, Stoney Creek, and Leisure Arts. (Let me apologize now for the HORRIBLE pictures, my husband's camera died this morning - we have no idea where the charger is - so I had to scan them int).

First up is a bib I stitched from a book called Baby Bibs to Cross-Stitch prodcued and printed by Leisure Arts:

He took me about three days working on it here and there. I have a few more from this book that I want to stitch up and then I'll be done with the baby bibs aspect of it all.

The next up is the first of six. I was so exicted to be finished with this little guy that I just had to post it. The pattern was put out by Stoney Creek (oh how I heart you!) I stitched this on 28 count Monanco Evenweave, stitching over two.

The patterns were designed to be stitched on an afghan but I'm not much for that, so I'm stitching 6 of the designs from the book, we're going to frame them, and put them on the wall in the nursery.

Coming up in the stitching category is Luke Skwyalker (farm boy, told you I wasn't done with the Star Wars yet!) and a blue elephant baby panel to go with the monkey.

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