Saturday, March 13, 2010

Must Love Cross-Stitch

So the last time I posted cross-stitch I raved about my Bria Tharen stitchery and I forgot to post a picture! Oops. :)

Next is Tenel Ka from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I believe she made her first apperance in the EU in the Young Jedi Knight Books:

The next two are from the fantastic NBC mini-series The Tenth Kingdom:


Christine aka the evil queen:

Finally, Miss Parker from The Pretender. She's dressed in her white suit and pink top, its from the episode (I can't recall the title) where she finds the gun that shot her mother. I've always wanted this outfit:

Next up is some more mini cross-stitch from The Tenth Kingdom!

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  1. My name is Cindy and I love your cross stitch patterns. I myself is an avid cross stitcher and love doing almost anything and especially Disney but my son has recently requested that I do something from Star Wars. Think I can find a pattern online...nope. My partner found your site for me and I was just wondering if by chance you can tell me where you found yours or if you have the pattern yourself you'd be willing to share? Please let me know. Thanks