Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stay at Home Mom!

So last Thursday was my last day of teaching. It was sad, but also extremely exciting. My son is one active toddler and I am currently pregnant with the next one. There's just no way to do it all. Sorry women, but we can't have it all. At least, not all at once. So something in my life had to go. Bye-bye career. At least for now...

In an effort to make my life run smoother at home, I've been updating my cookbook with various recipes from pintrest that I've tried and we've (Little Man and myself, since hubby has been at work) enjoyed. Oh the horror of cooking! No more fast food runs through KFC and McDonald's. I'm sure my waistline and Alexander's future self will thank me. At least I hope. Without further ado, here a few recipe suggestions from someone who is by no means a whiz in the kitchen, who hates cooking, and 90% of the time fails at it. I figure, hey, if I can cook these and not screw it up, anybody can!

1. Bacon Egg and Cheese Ring: Really easy to make, super yummy, and more importantly, really quick!
2. Pancake Bites: Pancake muffins, really. Again, quick, easy, and fail proof!
3. Peanut Butter Banana French Toast: My son is addicted to peanut butter (and thankfully not allergic like 85% of the toddlers out there).
4. Roasted Lemon Butter Red Potatoes: A side dish. Yum!

Mostly breakfast, I know. I'm working on it.

Stay tuned for more recommendations soon!

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