Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Summer Outfits (and one for fall)

I live in Arizona and it is CRAZY hot during the summer. Over 100 degress is just too darn high, so I decided to create some strapless tops and dresses. I used New Look pattern 6468. The same pattern I used to make this Butterfly Dress. I've got these dresses nailed down to about 45 minutes each, when I'm working on them nonstop.

This first one I did was made out of Candy Corn fabric:

A close up of the fabric:

The photographs don't due the justice fabric. I'm planning to wear this on Halloween morning when we're up in Vegas.

This next one is a black strapless dress. The fabric is black cotton with dark black (?) spots spread throughout it in a funky pattern. I wore this dress all day today and it didnt' fall apart so I guess that was a very good thing!

This next one is the same pattern but purple:

I plan to test out this dress tommorrow. Its a looser in the top because I didn't stretch the elastic out on the way on the top, so hopefully it'll hold up.

And a closeup of the fabric:

And finally a green tube top:

(and yes it was used, using the same pattern)

I have one more dress to make using the same pattern (red solid fabric) before moving on to cover jackets and a dress made for work.

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